A Guide to Walk in Baths – Bathing Solutions For Seniors


Even moderate mobility problems can cause bathing anxiety, but extensive product ranges in walk-in tubs offer you the right solutions for your needs. Bathing solutions walk-in baths enable you to step into the bath and enjoy a good long soak knowing that when you are ready you can simply empty the bath and step out again. You will find a wealth of features designed for your safety, comfort, and ease of access.

Such as this extra-wide door, with the lowest step of any walk-in bath at just four and a half inches. Alternatively, this model features a rising seat, that lowers you safely and comfortably into the water, and this design is ideal for wheelchair users lifting you smoothly and safely from chair to bath; and why not add a little extra luxury? This cozy warm bath seat is internally heated so the seat and the backrest are nice and warm before you get into the bath, and our constant warm system keeps you cozy while you bathe, by maintaining the heat of the water so you don’t have to keep topping up the bath. So you can save on your heating bills at the same time as you enjoy a long relaxing soak. Would you also benefit from some spa therapy?


Millions of tiny bubbles caressing your skin can soothe away aches and pains and help ease the discomfort that is common with conditions like arthritis. For centuries aromatherapy practitioners have promoted the positive effects of particular colored light waves on both mind and body, our aromatherapy system allows you to choose the color that suits you best, or you can let the colors change automatically as you bathe resting and relaxing.

The therapeutic benefits of an Air Spa are combined with an invigorating Whirlpool massage with American Standard’s Walk-In Tub. Constructed of fiberglass-reinforced acrylic for stability and longevity, this tub features a large walk-in door, a low step-over threshold, a built-in chair-height seat, grab bar, and textured floor for added comfort and safety.

Deep and spacious, this American Standard walk-in bath provides an accessible, safe, and relaxing bathing experience Take advantage of the whirlpool jets with a legs-only massage feature, or the multiple air spa jets with a heated blower. The tub can drain in less than two minutes, using American Standard’s patent-pending Quick Drain water removal system; this optional feature is available for all walk-in tubs. The tub is constructed on a free-standing sturdy metal support frame, and an optional extension kit allows the tub to fit into any existing space up to sixty inches. Enjoy a comfortable, accessible bathing experience with the Walk-In Tub from American Standard.