Gutters Covers and Guards: Things To Understand Concerning Gutter Installation


One of the best ways to protect the foundation of your home, prevent erosion of your yard, and improve the looks of your home is through proper gutters and gutter guards. Gutters added to the drip line of the roof can direct rainwater safely away from your home to the storm drain or other system where it is dispersed safely without damaging your home.

Adding a rain gutter to the front porch can prevent rain from running down the roof and dripping onto your head. That water flow is collected in the gutter trough and diverted through the downspout to be deposited safely in the yard or storm drain without causing soil erosion.

Without a good gutter system, erosion may eat away at the supporting soil of your home. The same forces that created the Grand Canyon may form a gully in your lawn. In addition, the additional moisture that collects on the siding of the home can harbor mold and mildew which can be very expensive to eradicate from the home, especially if it travels from the outside to the inside.


Most homeowners prefer the look of seamless gutters and gutter covers for several reasons. Besides the gutter guard pricing options, these gutters are not pieced together like those you buy at a home improvement store so they avoid the aesthetically unpleasing seams that are often prone to leakage. The gutters are made of metal rather than plastic which can break and crack over time due to UV radiation. Those plastic gutters can leave your home an unsightly mess.

You will find that seamless gutters and guards are formed to the needed length at your home. Materials are transported in a large roll of flat metal. That flat metal passes through a machine at your home to form a gutter the exact length of your roof with no seams. The gutter is attached to the home and is able to direct each raindrop safely to the ground where it can safely be distributed to the stormwater system of your neighborhood.

Seamless gutters have a larger capacity to carry water than most do-it-yourself gutters. Those self-installed gutters are normally sold in a four-inch size that does not have the capacity of the gutters formed on site. Seamless gutters may be made in five to six-inch sizes that offer a much larger capacity to divert water than the hardware store variety of gutter.

Seamless gutters and covers offer a baked enamel finish. This finish will never need to be painted. The only maintenance to the outside of the gutter is washing occasionally using a garden hose to remove dust. The inside of the gutter should also be cleaned regularly, especially in areas where there are a lot of leaves or pine needles.

Gutter and gutter guard installation cost is very small if compared to the price of reinforcing foundations or replacing landscaping or lawn that have been damaged by the water flow from a roof without gutters. Gutters and gutter guards make a great way to protect your investment in the home.