How To Install a Toilet With The Least Amount of Hassle


Do you require the help of a DIY instructional on how to install a toilet? Perhaps the current one is damaged? Or maybe you are just looking to upgrade? Whatever the reason, you can personally install a toilet if you purpose too.

This article will focus on how to install a toilet in a step-by-step guide. If you follow it to the end, you will realize that you do not always have to call a plumber.

Tools and materials

Before starting the installation, ensure to have the following:

  • new toilet
  • closet bolts
  • wax rings
  • toilet connector
  • screwdriver
  • torpedo level
  • wrench

The installation process

To remove the old toilet:

  1. Disconnect the water supply: Turn off the water at the supply valve so that no more water rushes into the toilet basin.
  2. Flush the toilet: Flush the toilet to remove any remaining water from the tank as well as to empty the basin and bowl. After this, a little water might still remain in the bowl. Force it down the drain line using a force-cup plunger. Any remaining water in the tank can be sucked away using a sponge.

Remember to wear protective gloves for the next process to protect you from harmful germs.

  1. Take out the tank bolts that attach the basin to the bowl.
  2. Disconnect the water supply line from the bowl.
  3. Lift the basin from the bowl to remove it.
  4. Remove the floor bolt caps and unscrew the closet bolts using an adjustable wrench.
  5. Rock the bowl back and forth to remove it from the wax gasket.
  6. Plug the drain opening to prevent the sewage gases from escaping into the room.
  7. Scrap off the remaining wax around the drain opening.
  8. Clean and level the mounting surface.

how to install a toilet cover

To install the new toilet:

If installing a new model, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific installation guidelines.

Otherwise, here’s the general procedure:

  1. Begin by installing a new flange around the drain opening. Then, position the closet bolts, insert, and snug them against the flange so they can hold it while at the same time sticking up from the floor
  2. Position and fit a new wax ring around the bottom of the toilet bowl. You can choose to place the ring directly on the flange or on the underside of the toilet. A wax ring serves to create a water-tight seal around the toilet drain.
  3. Carefully set the toilet over the flange and line up the holes with the protruding closet bolts. Ensure to first unplug the waste drain hole.
  4. Applying weight evenly and rocking gently, press down the toilet against the wax ring and flange. This is critical as it helps to create a seal around the toilet hole. Once done, tighten the closet bolts and fit the bolt caps.
  5. Install the tank and tighten the bolts until the tank is fastened to the bowl.
  6. Install a toilet seat.
  7. Re-install the water supply line and turn on the water supply.

That’s how to install a toilet! If you follow these steps as presented, you’ll have the new toilet ready within a couple of hours.