How To Join The Army

If you are interested, the following is a basic step-by-step guide on how to join the army.

There are just over 1 million soldiers currently serving in the U.S army. Half of these are serving full time in active duty. The rest make up the reserves.

Step 1: Do you have what it takes?

Wanting to join the army is one thing, and being actually qualified is another.

The basic requirements

Any State Army will require that you meet certain basic personal requirements before they can even consider you.

You need to be mentally, physically, and legally fit in order to be recruited.

Some of these personal criteria include age, citizenship, health status, and criminal record. Before signing up for the army, ensure all these requirements check out.

Some of these personal criteria include age, citizenship, health status, and criminal record. Before signing up for the army, ensure all these requirements check out.

Academic requirements

Every branch of every state army has its specific levels of education that they expect the candidates to have attained. Therefore, it would be wise to find out what academic level your Army of interest requires.

The Army’s mission

Find out the Army’s mission and determine whether you are up for the task at hand.

For instance, some of the Army’s objectives require that you be totally committed and give up most of your comfort zones. You should know and be ready for whatever you will be getting yourself into.


Step 2: Talk to a recruiter

Let us say you have made your decision to join the Army.

The next step would be to make contact and plan on how you can meet your recruiter.

Before the meetup, ensure to have all your crucial documents with you.

Sit down with the recruiter and be free to ask all questions that you may have in mind relating to the Army recruitment.

Army recruiters are the best qualified to help you confirm whether the Army is really right for you.

Step 3: Which is your career path?

Choose the right career path that best complements your strengths and future goals.

The Army offers several different careers in a vast range of categories. Each category carries its own specialized training, responsibilities, and areas of expertise.

Also, be honest with your recruiter about your choice and the reason behind it.

Step 4: Pass the ASVAB

Short for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, the ASVAB is an exam designed to determine your skills in ten different areas. Strive to score high on the test so you can qualify for more military options and bonuses.

Step 5: Proofread your contract

Once you have taken the ASVAB, qualified, and taken up as a recruit, review your contract keenly before finally signing it. The contract will determine your needs, pay even, and signing it will mean that you are officially an Army recruit.

Finally: The training

Brace yourself for what is ahead. You will need strength, a strong will, and a positive attitude. Basic training comes in stages and it will give you the knowledge and skills required in your field.

Once you have signed the papers, pass background checks, physical exams, and complete basic combat training, you can begin your advanced training and start your day-to-day job in the army.