Struggling To Quit Facebook? Here’s How To Stop…

Though there are a number of benefits of social media, it does present a number of problems. The truth is that social media is a relatively new phenomenon, and we do not yet fully understand the implication it has on our daily lives.

Digital Cocaine speculates what the dangers of our phones and social media might be, but more and more people are actually considering the option of unplugging for personal reasons.

On average, we waste about 40 minutes of every day perusing our timelines and this number is on the rise. Not to mention, Facebook is a cesspool of fake news…real fake news, that people don’t bother verifying before sharing.

If you have tried the break away from social media and you are ready to make the leap, you might have been wondering how to quit Facebook.

So, do you want out? Here’s how to quit Facebook once and for all.

The Repercussions Of Facebook

Many of us have a habit of using Facebook each day.

Unfortunately, (and just like any other habit) Facebook has the ability to interfere with our daily lives which can inevitably have far-reaching consequences.

Apart from the fact that it can be counterproductive at work, many employees have been fired as a direct result of their Facebook usage.

Make A Big Decision

If the idea of leaving Facebook terrifies you, you might actually have a problem. On the other hand, you might just be fed up with social media and Facebook’s algorithm. Either way, you can’t change anything if you don’t acknowledge it.  So, if you’ve been contemplating leaving Facebook, remember….

Remember, It Won’t Be Easy…

Unfortunately,  Facebook has been designed so that it does not lose any users. Among many things, they make it difficult to figure out simple things like how to quit Facebook. It’s not that easy to delete your account, although it can be done.

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How To Quit Facebook

Facebook offers two options for people. One is a total deletion of their account, and the other is a deactivation.

So, you must decide which one you want to do. Should you decide to delete the account, you can never get it back. But, if you want to come back to Facebook in the future, you must start a brand-new account.

If you deactivate the account, the account looks like it’s gone from Facebook. However, it’s really just hiding, and you can get it back if you ever want to…

Disconnect Your Apps

Before you get rid of Facebook, it’s important to disconnect your apps.

You probably have connected your Facebook account with other apps, such as Spotify.

So, you have to break that connection.

First, sign in to Facebook on your desktop, then look at Settings>Apps.

You should see a list. Now, go to each site and disconnect your account.

Save Your Photos And Files

Before you quit, make sure to save any photos or files that you have on your Facebook account. Many times, these aren’t saved elsewhere. If you have used the Facebook “save” feature, look there, too.

Tell Your Friends

If you want to be all dramatic and announce your intentions to leave Facebook to the masses,  put a message about it on your wall.

BUT, just keep in mind the message you might be sending out if you make the big announcement and don’t leave…

On the other hand, you might to just tell your closest friends and family as you quietly become inactive.

What might surprise you is that all of your other random acquaintances might not even realize you’re gone.

Worried You’ll Lose Contact With Your Friends?

Are you really friends with everyone on your Facebook, or are you just mutual stalkers?

Anyway, you shouldn’t underestimate texting or emails.

Just keep in mind, quitting Facebook means you have to give up something, like the groups you’re in…or the celebrities you follow.

The idea of losing contact with friends is often just an excuse. If the idea of quitting Facebook terrifies you, you might be addicted.

You might need to get some help if you want to quit!

Facebook Addiction

Remember, just because everyone around you is doing it, it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

The truth is that Facebook addiction is very real and it has been linked to social anxiety.

Although Facebook addiction therapy might not be available near you, Facebook Rehab Clinic Clinics do exist.

How To Quit Facebook For Good

When all of that is done and you are ready to take the plunge, you can go to the Facebook Account Deletion Page or the Facebook Deactivation Page.

Either way, Facebook does its best to keep you, so prepare yourself for that. Go through the instructions for whichever option you choose, and you have officially quit Facebook!